MSc. in Computer Science (research)

Master of Science Degree in Computer Science (by research)

This programme aims to combine a scientific mindset with specialist technical knowledge, enabling graduates to analyze, design, validate and implement state-of-the-art ICT systems in their operational context. Graduates of the master’s programme are trained to take a scientific, ethical and socially responsible approach to conducting and contributing to research in their specific area of study and to international trends in and related to their field of study. The master’s programme aims to offer an engaging and challenging, research-oriented academic environment, enabling students to:

  1. acquire extensive knowledge and insight; develop their professional and scientific mindset by taking the initiative in and assuming responsibility for the learning process
  2. develop an inquisitive and reflective attitude
  3. understand and gain practical experience with methods and technologies for modeling and describing systems and their properties
  4. acquire a knowledge of, understand and gain practical experience with taking stock of the requirements of ICT systems (i.e. technology, design, validation and implementation) and of promising alternatives, and take informed decisions
  5. develop a constructively critical attitude in which decisions are substantiated and discussed
  6. gain practical experience working in complex, dynamic settings in which the information required is not always immediately available or complete


(i) Bachelor’s degree from University of Zambia or any recognized University with a minimum of a Merit or better in Computer Science.


The minimum study period for this programme is 1 year and the maximum is 3 years.


This programme is purely research-based and does not consist of any taught component. It only consists of an independent research project.


CSC 6000 – Dissertation